Wk 3 Journal – Why We Sketch



Wk2 Journal -Reflect & Practice visual thinking


Part 1:

In many cases of realizing creative thoughts, the fear of judgment is always a significant deterrent. I do have an experience which faced the fear of judgment while creating something new. It happened in my high school when we were having a school fair. Everything class had to prepare for a booth and my class was still deciding what to do. I was first thinking of making a haunted house, while most of the classmates wanted to create a booth drawing Henna, like the year before. I didn’t think it was a good idea at that time, but due to the fear of judging by my classmates, I did not speak out my own opinion. At last they chose to do the Henna booth again and the result was not as good as the first year we made it.

Part 2:

Steve Jobs as the legendary co-founder of the Apple Co. created many incredible new technology, improved the life of people all over the world. Before he successfully turned computer from a government tools to personal use on business, people around him just did not believe he can do it, and judging him that was too ideological. But Jobs insisted to fight against conformity, he has the guts to challenge the existed facts and create new stuffs in order to make a better world. He did not defeated by the judgment from the people around him, and finally, he found his own electronic empire.

2)Practise Visual thinking:


I chose to take this sketch note during the lecture of CRIM135. It went pretty well unexpectedly. However the lecturer has been talking a bit too quick so that I have to edit the sketch after the class and this is my work above.

Wk1 Journal – The inventiveness of everyday design

  1. The resourcefulness of everyday design:


2. Identify a problem from your own life and ideate a solution:

I have the problem of having night classes in FIC while every time the lessons end, it has been dark outside. I need a way to back home safely but with night classes the darkness feared me.


There are several solutions that I came up with. Firstly, I can find a friend who also lives in campus and we can walk back home together. Secondly, I can choose to not enrol any night class. Thirdly, I can buy flashlights and use it when I come back home. Forth, I can possibly skip all the classes…And finally I can talk to advisors and see if I can switch the class.